Engineering and Product Development


Certified Engineering Technologists (C.E.T.) design all of our products and tooling in house, from a simple sketch on a piece of paper, to a complicated 3D CAD model. Our expertise is stamped, formed and fabricated metal products, but we are also able to work with other materials like wood and plastic. We develop products based on the customers’ criteria and optimize it into a quality finished product.




Our machine shop is fully equipped with Lathes, Mills, CNC Machines, Grinding Machines, EDM, Saws, Drills, etc… Certified Tool and Die Makers are employed to ensure that products and tooling are of the highest quality. We have diverse experience ranging from small prototype dies to high volume production tooling. We also have experience designing and building custom machinery for assembly, automation, and secondary forming/cutting operations.




We have over 20 presses with capacity up to 200 tons enabling us to complete a wide variety of work from coil or from blanks, low and high volume. We have a strong team of press operators and fabricators, each with decades of experience. Other production capacities include various welding processes, sheet metal fabrication on our 8’ press brake, CNC routering and more.

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Homer and Wilson Ltd.


1 Lancaster Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 6X1


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